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Hollin Videos

Adapt and ChangeAdapt and Change
Alasdair Cathcart speaks about creating the environment where people can embrace change.

Alasdair Cathcart on SafetyAlasdair Cathcart on Safety
Alasdair Cathcart speaking about Safety during his keynote speech at the BMT for Leaders conference, May 2017

How Organisations Really WorkHow Organisations Really Work
Howard Lees questions the traditional organisational chart: Do we place too much value on something that doesn’t reflect reality?


BMT ConferencesBMT Conferences
A two minute introduction to BMT conferences.

Alasdair Cathcart on TeamworkAlasdair Cathcart on Teamwork
Alasdair Cathcart is speaking about teamwork and how to get the best out of your employees.  

Alasdair Cathcart on Balanced ScorecardsAlasdair Cathcart on Balanced Scorecards
Alasdair Cathcart explains how he removed unnecessary bureaucracy and gets balanced scorecards to work.


Andy Bull - TrustTrust and Collaboration in Complex JVs, by Andy Bull
Andy Bull is the Head of Costain Atkins JV. He explains that collaboration requires trust.

Alasdair Cathcart on Disruptive LeadershipAlasdair Cathcart on Disruptive Leadership
Alasdair Cathcart speaks briefly about rebelling in order to become a great leader.

Behavioural AutopilotBehavioural Autopilot
Behavioural expert Rachel Edwards discusses how to make it more likely we'll get the behaviours we want.


 Alasdair Cathcart on BehaviourAlasdair Cathcart on Behaviour
Alasdair Cathcart speaking about behaviour as the currency of an organisation’s culture.

Schedules of Reinforcement Schedules of Reinforcement

Rachel Edwards briefly explains what schedules of reinforcement how to harness their power.

How to Predict the FutureHow to Predict the Future
Howard Lees explains how to predict and influence the sources of future business success.


Trust by Howard LeesTrust, by Howard Lees

A two minute clip of Howard Lees talking about trust and communication in May 2016

Unintended ConsequencesUnintended Consequences

What are the unintended consequences of meetings, emails, leadership behaviours and safety policies? 

Leadership Focus Using ScorecardsLeadership Focus Using Scorecards
Andy Bull describes the importance of getting the focus right as a leader, and how he uses balanced scorecards to help.


Get the Simple Stuff Right FirstGet the Simple Stuff Right First
Howard Lees explores the importance of getting the simple stuff right first.

Martin Merrick - Change is ComingChange is Coming - Martin Merrick
Martin Merrick talks about the challenges that the rate of change  presents to leaders.  Martin is Senior Vice President, Retail Development at Volvo Trucks.

Prioritise You Leadership MessagePrioritise Your Leadership Message
Andy Bull explains why it's important to streamline your leadership message, and the risks involved if that doesn't happen.


Six Leadership RulesSix Leadership Rules by Jack Sheehan
Ex-Supreme Commander of NATO, General Jack Sheehan, discusses his six leadership rules.

Alasdair Cathcart on Thorn RemovalAlasdair Cathcart on Thorn Removal
Alasdair Cathcart talks about the way he removes barriers and how doing so helps increase performance.

Changing Behaviours by Changing the EnvironmentChanging Behaviours by Changing the Environment
Andy describes the difficulties of overcoming inertia in order to change other people's behaviours when you are not in the room.


Industry Leaders Speaking About BMTIndustry Leaders Speaking About BMT
At the BMT conference in May 2014, a number of industry leaders told us how they use BMT.

Diagnosis BiasDiagnosis Bias

Rachel Edwards explains how diagnosis bias affects business performance.

What is BMT?What is BMT?

A two minute introduction to BMT, what it is and what you can achieve quite quickly applying its techniques.


Desperately Seeking R Desperately Seeking R Plus

Joanne Benjamin explains the scientific use of Positive Reinforcement (R Plus) in the workplace.

Awareness MattersAwareness Matters, Right?

Dr Richard Kazbour questions whether awareness is enough to change behaviour at the BMT conference in May 2013.

Strategic LeadershipJack Sheehan on Strategic Leadership (SMEAC)
Ex-supreme Commander of NATO, General Jack Sheehan explains why communication sometimes just isn't effective.


Panel Questions with Jack Sheehan and Howard LeesPanel Questions with Jack Sheehan and Howard Lees
Edited highlights from the Q&A session from the BMT Leadership confrence in October 2014 in Chicago IL.

BMT at VolvoBMT at Volvo
Martin Merrick, a Senior Vice President at Volvo Trucks, explains how Volvo have used BMT to help them compete in a tough marketplace.

Howard Lees On Safety Howard Lees on Safety
Howard Lees' most popular talk: He is speaking at the BMT for Safety Conference  December 2012.


Peter FarrerPeter Farrer of Scottish Water at BMT 2013
Peter Farrer, the Chief Operating Officer of Scottish Water, explains how his organisation use BMT.

Leadership and TrustJack Sheehan on Leadership and Trust
Ex-supreme Commander of NATO General Jack Sheehan talks about trust and leadership.

55 Seconds on Leadership55 Seconds on Leadership

A very short clip on leadership from Howard Lees' BMT talk in May 2014.


Brains or BrawnBrains or Brawn
Allison Reynolds shares her insights into stimulus control with horses and explains how it applies to the workplace.

The Steps Before Step OneThe Steps Before Step One
Howard Lees speaking at the BMT for Leaders conference in May 2013.

Rachel Edwards LeadershipLeadership is a Verb
Rachel Edwards discusses the concept of 'learned helplessness' and the impact of being too busy at work.


Real Safety vs Virtual SafetyReal Safety vs. Virtual Safety
Why have fatality numbers in high risk industries have plateaued despite huge efforts to increase workplace safety?

What Defines a Great LeaderWhat Defines a Great Leader
Howard Lees discusses what makes a great leader.  This is an abridged version of his talk. A PDF notes page is available here.

More Steps Before Step OneMore Steps Before Step One
Howard Lees talks about behaviour change and what is required before step one.


Frames of ReferenceFrames of Reference

Howard Lees explains that other people's past experiences are much more important than we realise.

Are You a Manager or a Leader?Jack Sheehan asks: Are You a Manager or a Leader?
General Jack Sheehan talks about the differences between how a manager and a leader approach problems.

Some Simple Steps You Will Not DoSome Simple Steps You Will Not Do
Howard outlines some very simple steps to help with time management.


What is Coaching?What is Coaching?
Andy Bull explains in brief what a coaching culture looks like.

Moments of InspirationMoments of Inspiration
A short, edited clip of Howard talking about great quotes from his past bosses - from the BMT Conference 2013.

Vox Pops May 2013Vox Pops, May 2013
Vox Pops from the BMT conference in May 2013.


The Strong and Caring LeaderThe Strong and Caring Leader

Howard Lees has worked with some excellent leaders and  explains what he thinks made those leaders great.

Controlling Your Inner MicromanagerControlling Your Inner Micromanager
Dr Nicole Gravina explains how we fall into the trap of micromanaging and offers some alternative strategies

Too BusyToo Busy

Howard Lees explains why being 'too busy' is bad for everyone around you.


Collaboration by Howard LeesCollaboration, by Howard Lees
Howard Lees discusses the importance of setting up the environment for collaboration to be successful.

I Take Safety Seriously
I Take Safety Seriously...?

Bob Cummins discusses the mismatch in beliefs about safety between the leaders and the workforce.




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